Frequently Asked Questions

PassionSticks® is committed to providing the best online experience and best product to our customers. Please review our frequently asked questions below to address any questions or concerns you may have about PassionSticks®.

PassionSticks® are Safe

Q: How safe are PassionSticks®?

A: PassionSticks® are safe to take on a regular basis because they are made with 100% natural ingredients. PassionSticks® are certified for purity and contain no harsh stimulants, harmful steroids or chemicals. PassionSticks® do not use any ingredients on the FDA "Ingredients of Concern" warning list, such as Yohimbe. PassionSticks are manufactured in the USA in a facility that uses strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.

If you are concerned about any ingredient in PassionSticks®, consult your physician or health care provider.

Q: Can I take PassionSticks® with my current medication?

A: We do not recommend taking PassionSticks® with other medications until you have consulted with a medical professional. You can print the list of ingredients from our website and take it with you when consulting with your health care provider to review.

Q: Can I take PassionSticks® while having any kind of health conditions?

A: You should contact your healthcare processional if you have questions about your particular medical circumstances.

Q: Do PassionSticks® have side effects?

A: PassionSticks® use 100% natural ingredients, which means that it works naturally with your body. If you have any concern about the ingredients in PassionSticks®, consult your physician or healthcare provider.

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy PassionSticks®?

A: No. PassionSticks® are classified as a dietary food supplement and consequently do not require a prescription.

Q: What ensures the quality of PassionSticks®?

A: PassionSticks® is made from only the highest quality botanical ingredients by scientists under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.

Q: Can I take PassionSticks® when I am pregnant?

A: Pregnant or nursing women should not take PassionSticks® unless approved by a qualified healthcare professional.

Q: Are PassionSticks® approved by the FDA?

A: The FDA oversees all food and drug products sold in the United States. Since PassionSticks® is a natural product, it falls under the scope of the FDA. In 1994, the FDA set up guidelines for dietary supplements, and subsequently created the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). We follow all of the DSHEA's guidelines. All of our products are manufactured under current GMP standards as defined by the FDA to guarantee the highest degree of consistency, reliability and potency.

Q: How long does it take for PassionSticks® to work?

A: The effects of PassionSticks® can be felt in just a few minutes. PassionSticks® are tasteless and can be mixed or stirred into any food or drink.

PassionSticks are for consenting adults only. Use PassionSticks® responsibility. Keep any food or drink in which PassionSticks® have been mixed away from children.

Q: Why are PassionSticks® sold in individual stick packets instead of as a pill or capsule?

A: Pills and capsules can take up to an hour to dissolve in your stomach before the ingredients go into your blood stream and become effective.

When you pour a PassionStick™ in your food or drink, there is no waiting for a capsule or pill to dissolve, speeding the active ingredients into your system so that they become effective in minutes.

Q: Are PassionSticks® made in the USA?

A: PassionSticks® are manufactured in the USA in a facility using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

How Do I Use PassionSticks®?

Q: How often do I take PassionSticks®?

A: PassionSticks® can be used as needed. Limit usage to one stick pack per sexual event. Men and women who use PassionSticks® on a daily basis report increased stamina, well being and sex drive.

Q: Can you suggest any recipes for PassionSticks®?

A: The uses of PassionSticks® in any food or drink is limited only by your imagination. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Mixed Drink
    • Pour a PassionStick™ into your favorite wine, cocktail or soft drink and stir.
  • Lover's Tea
    • Pour a PassionStick™ into a cup of tea and stir.
    • User one stick pack for each cup of tea.
  • Flavored Lover's Tea
    • Add honey, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate syrup or mint syrup to make a special flavored lover's tea.
  • Aphrodisiac Lover's Dinner
    • Use PassionSticks® as an herb in cooking a special dinner for lovers. Use one PassionStick™ per portion. Keep a box on your pantry shelf and use it as an herb in all your lover's dinners.

Caution: PassionStick™ recipes are for consenting adults only. Keep PassionSticks®, and any food mixed with PassionSticks®, out of the reach of children and non-consenting adults.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Not Completely Satisfied?

Q: Can I get my money back if I am not completely satisfied?
A: We are so confident that you will be more than satisfied with PassionSticks® that we offer an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. Check our Terms and Conditions for details.

Q: Am I guaranteed the same results as expressed in your customer success stories?

A: People are different. Individual results may vary. Experience PassionSticks® for

Q: When does the guarantee period start?

A: It starts the day you place your order.

Q: Do I have to call your office in 60 days or send the returned product in 60 days?

A: You must call our Customer Care or e-mail us prior to sending the product back to us for a refund. We must receive the product at our warehouse within 60 days from the day you place your order. This is for first time orders only.Check our Terms and Conditions for details.

Order Tracking

Q: Where is my order? How can I track it?

A: Once your order ships, you receive an email from Green Secret Publishing that contains a link to your tracking information, if tracking info is available. Click that link to track your order.

Shipping and Billing

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We ship all orders within one day. We have multiple shipping options including overnight, 2 day, and ground shipping.

256 Bit SSL

Q: How is my credit card and personal information protected?
A: Your order and credit card information is sent to our servers with 128-bit encryption for your security. We employ the latest protection technologies. We keep your information private and confidential. We never sell, trade or provide your information to third parties.

Q: Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

A: Yes, we do.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes. There is a small additional shipping charge for Canadian orders.

Q: What shipment carrier do you use to ship PassionSticksTM?

A: We ship via all major carriers, including UPS, USPS, and FedEx. All orders are shipped with tracking and signature confirmation.

Q: Can you send the product overseas?

A: We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada. We are currently working to expand our shipping options internationally.

Protecting Your Privacy

Q: Do you offer discreet shipping?

A: Yes. All packages are labeled as coming from "Green Secret Publishing" and come in a plain brown package. These packages do not show any indication of the contents.

Q: How will the charges appear on my credit card statement?

A: In order to protect your privacy, all charges will appear on your credit card statement as "Green Secret Publishing".

Q: Will you sell any of my personal data to other companies?

A: Your transactions with PassionSticks® are strictly confidential. We do not sell, rent, or provide customer lists to any 3rd party companies or individuals.